You know you haven't posted in forever when...

You have nothing to post about. Well I'm not exactly sure what my intention of starting this blog is, because quite honestly I could be writing my article right now and making myself some hard earned money! But I'm not. Which is terribly unfortunate, maybe I'll try to fit it in after this post.

Which brings me to... I'm finally doing something with my major! It's wildly exciting, I'm a freelance writer now. I am an actual bonafide writer.Which of course means extra money! I'm going to try and bust out three articles a week. (being $7.50 to $15 each - which means I could potentially be bringing in $90 to $180 a month)! Sounds very exciting doesn't it?

Other than that, I've been stressing out a bit that I still haven't sold my camera yet, but I've finally decided upon a solution. If it doesn't sell on eBay tomorrow, I'm going to just return it back to BeachCamera and take the 10% restocking fee and the shipping... which takes it down about a hundred bucks. But hey, I'd rather have $800 dollars in the bank than $900 of camera that isn't doing me any good. And it's taught me quite the lesson. Also, now that I have this freelance writing position I feel a lot more secure in my money situation. It means that I can very easily start replacing all the money that I've been spending and bring my account back to a decent level of savings.

But I'm really digressing. The reason I got rid of my old blog is because it was filled with terribly personal stuff about my "relationships" and about people in my life. It was basically a blog that I used to vent about everything because I was wearing Marc out by telling him everything that was going on wrong with my life at that moment. And I have to admit I was a bit petrified about someone, somehow reading it that wasn't supposed to. It was one of those things where you want everyone to know, but you don't want to deal with the consequences of everyone knowing, ya know?

So then I decided to start everything fresh again, which meant a new blog and everything else that comes with it. And kind of a new look out on life in general. I wanted to stop being so negative and actually live life to it's fullest and actually allow myself to be happy.

So here I am trying to be happy. I'll post more later, hmm?

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