If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there.

My other blog/reader/gmail/hotmail/docs/picasa/calendar/youtube/talk was getting really bogged down by lots of crap that I had found vaguely interesting at one point in time, and now no longer do. I figure since I've had it up and running for so long, since almost the beginning of these programs, that it would take absolutely forever to get everything cleared out and to where I wanted it to be. I also have been striving, for a very long time, to have just one "identity" online. So now, for the most part, I do. Aside from my deviantART which will not left me change my account name, and considering how I've been on that site for 6 years now (so I actually have some seniority somewhere) I really didn't feel like creating a new one. 

So basically I'm doing a massive overhaul, and it's actually turning out to be a lot more work that I had originally anticipated. It's amazing how many different websites that one tends to get signed up for that we don't really remember or keep track of. 

But I digress... so    TheAtheneNoctua@gmail.com    is going to be my new primary email address, I will keep the others up and running for now while - which probably means I'll check my hotmail maybe once every few months and will just skim the emails, and my other gmail probably get checked around once a week or so. 

In case you're still confused: this is Nancy Swope :)