"The very PINK of perfection" - Oliver Goldsmith

Sarah bought a PINK wig on thursday for Ruth's Color Photo shoot on  Saturday. I had fun taking a few pictures with it on. Especially after we spent an hour attempting to curl it without melting it. Also, I very much miss my long CURLY hair. It was sooo nice to not have to do my hair every day. All I had to do is wake up, get out of bed and go, go, go!!! She also bought a very nice quality one the other day! I hope it turns out well!

Speaking of Ruth's shoot! There are some pictures that have popped up!  So here's a sneak peek of what went on in that shoot!  Ruth is uploading her pics little by little but everything looks AMAZING thus far! I'm very excited about the final results. The top one ^ is from Ruth the one with Renee is from her camera phone :)  I'm loving my crazy wild-child look. It was exactly what I was going for. A kind of wild, crazed juvenile look. I mean we were, after all, taking photos on a play ground :)
I seem to keep on getting busier and busier!  It's like my free time has started to dwindle completely! Either that or I'm not managing it very effectively. That's probably more like it. I really do need to get my apartment FINALLY cleaned up. Especially since the one month mark is heading my way!   

After the photo shoot I accompanied  Marc to Auburn for his Enforcer Halloween Party, one which I made a pretty epic costume for BTW! In case you are unsure of who I am, I happen to be Crimson Viper from Street Fighter IV! Also, Marc was Ryu, which is even more awesome :) 

So the plan for the rest of the month: Halloween party with Sarah (and Marc if he decides to join us, not sure yet)! I'm pretty sure it's going to be amazing, because the last one of their parties that I went to was pretty epic. I mean they made wizarding staffs!

Now, on an entirely unrelated note:
I'm still tweeting what I'm eating, I think it's going pretty well. The shame involved in tweeting what I really want to eat is a very good deterrent to me. After all I am fairly caught up in what people think of me, always have been. *shrug* I don't really see a huge problem with it. I'm comfortable with myself, but I think that caring what ppl think some of the time helps you become a better person. 

Oh, I'm buying a fisheye lens, that is all. Back to work!


I really think that I go out of my way to hurt myself on purpose sometimes, I have a weird sense of curiosity. I wonder if I do it so I don't feel anymore. I suppose that makes sense right? I mean right now I'm going through pictures and my heart is beating a little bit faster at the words I see, but I keep doing it. I wonder if I'm steeling myself against getting hurt. That makes more sense. I mean my mom taught me years of how I should never let close someone I care about, because THAT just blows up in your face. Oh well. Doesn't really bother me anymore. So I guess I've learned to accept it, and have successfully hardened myself. Maybe I am an "Ice Queen"...

But no matter. (Which is weird because I don't feel at all depressed or annoyed or anger or anything - weird calm). Maybe I'm turning into Corley. That would be weird. But she does have so many  qualities that I would love to have. She has this crazy confidence in herself where she doesn't give a shit what anyone (actually) thinks and if you want to leave you can, doesn't bother her at all. To me, I hold on to people. I think that if I'm terrible to people that they'll leave me. Another product of my joyous upbringing. I think I've finally understood that I can leave Marc be and even get pissed off at him and he will still be my friend. Which is very comforting.


Photography is just plain FUN! Sarah Y and I have been positively brimming with ideas for new photo shoots. So because, and a crap ton of upcoming photo shoots, I thought that I would brush up on my photography skillz (or lack thereof). I'm not a professional photographer, or even really an amateur photographer, but it's fun. And like anything fun the better you are the more fun it is! So here I am "working" at, you know, work and looking up  ways to make me awesome. And (methinks) a more professional re-haul of this blog is coming up! And by coming up I mean... I'm going to stop writing and work on it now :)