Yuppie (short for "young urban professional" or "young upwardly-mobile professional")

Yuppie n. Informal A young city or suburban resident with a well-paid professional job and an affluent lifestyle.

"Of course, that term, yuppie, has fallen so out of favor that we’re not even supposed to use it anymore. We’re expected to come up with a neologism—a clever 21st-century inversion of the word. But we’re not going to do that, because we don’t need to: The yuppie of 1986 and the yuppie of 2006 are so similar as to be indistinguishable. A used copy of The Yuppie Handbook recently fell into my hands. The book was published in 1984 as a jokey piece of social anthropology, and it made a slew of observations about this new American species. The yuppie’s bizarre lifestyle preferences were intended to elicit populist guffaws. Here are some of the things, according to The Yuppie Handbook, that the budding yupster could not live without: gourmet coffee, a Burberry trench coat, expensive running shoes, a Cuisinart, a renovated kitchen with a double sink, smoked mozzarella from Dean & DeLuca, a housekeeper, a mortgage, a Coach bag, a Gucci briefcase, and a Rolex. Oh, har har har, that crazy yup! [...] All of which means that the archetypal yuppie of the eighties sounds precisely like, um, everyone you know. Trust me: There is not a single sentence in The Yuppie Handbook that could make you chuckle. By now, the entire manuscript comes across as nothing more than a rote annotation of urbane American life. “When people were denouncing yuppies, they had considerably lower incomes than yuppies, so the things yuppies spent their money on seemed frivolous and unnecessary from their vantage point,” says Cornell University economist Robert H. Frank, author of Luxury Fever. “What most people fail to anticipate is that your sense of what you need and want is very elastic. When your income rises, your consumption standard gradually adapts.”

Of course this all comes about yesterday while I'm wearing my Prada sunglasses, contemplating my Juicy Couture eyeglasses (and if only they came in white), but they don't, so I need to buy this pair of Dolce and Gabbana ones instead. And I realized, between that, my old Coach purse, my Dooney and Burke purse and keyring, my DKNY/Bulgari/Burberry (among many others) perfumes that I had become a yuppie. It doesn't help that I carry around my Starbucks tumbler everywhere. 

And it's not even that I make that much money. Sure I make more money then almost everyone down here, but not by much. And it certainly helps that my rent is DIRT CHEAP. 

Corrugated Lore

Finally finished my first attempt at the Corrugated Lore logo! Here it is in all it's ratty goodness. So the Zine will be called Corrugated Lore, the press is Wireless Rodent.

So are your submissions ready? Because they soon better be, I'll be mailing out our call for submissions by the end of the month, then a month later I will release our FIRST ISSUE!!!! I hope you guys are all excited, because I am. The Zine's blog will be:


I hope you all enjoy the journey! Please either post your email address or your residential address in the comments section to receive your CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS at the end of the month. I will be sending out only USPS Post after so if you want it do make sure I have your address!

My Dearest Anne,

Last year I was told that if I got to my goal weight I would have any sexual fantasy I had fulfilled, and I failed. THIS year I was just, not two seconds ago, offered a deal where if I lost 30lbs by the end of the year that I would be taken on a trip (not too expensive). So here we go! I've already lost a good 30lbs from High School/College so this next 30 should be eaaaassy right? lol, probably not. So I've cut myself down to 1250-1500 calories a day. Either three 350cal meals with two 100cal snakes OR three 500 calorie meals. I'm thinking three 500 calorie meals. But I'll try and be good this time. Not like earlier this year when I was all about losing weight, lost ten pounds, went to Boston, then gained it right back. No, definitely not like that. I'll keep you posted.

So I just finished Persuasion, I had previously not read it and only watched the movies, and I've decided that my life is SO much like Anne's. Basically, I'm Anne, Marc is Wentworth, My friends are Lady Russell, the ppl Marc have been seeing are Louisa and Henrietta, and Alex is Mr. William Elliot. It totally all fits. And Alex is totally William Elliot, wanting to date me and him putting up all the cute, loving, sweet boy persona. And now when I talk to him I realize that he is back "dating" Zoey, but since she isn't putting out as much as he wants her to he's totally willing to cheat on her (saying to himself -and me- that she would understand). Which is totally what sleezy William Elliot would do. Since he told me that I've been very, very disinterested in him. "All the privilege I claim for my own sex is that of loving longest, when existence or when hope is gone." ????? Oh yeah, that's me. 

Lunch time now! 

You know you haven't posted in forever when...

You have nothing to post about. Well I'm not exactly sure what my intention of starting this blog is, because quite honestly I could be writing my article right now and making myself some hard earned money! But I'm not. Which is terribly unfortunate, maybe I'll try to fit it in after this post.

Which brings me to... I'm finally doing something with my major! It's wildly exciting, I'm a freelance writer now. I am an actual bonafide writer.Which of course means extra money! I'm going to try and bust out three articles a week. (being $7.50 to $15 each - which means I could potentially be bringing in $90 to $180 a month)! Sounds very exciting doesn't it?

Other than that, I've been stressing out a bit that I still haven't sold my camera yet, but I've finally decided upon a solution. If it doesn't sell on eBay tomorrow, I'm going to just return it back to BeachCamera and take the 10% restocking fee and the shipping... which takes it down about a hundred bucks. But hey, I'd rather have $800 dollars in the bank than $900 of camera that isn't doing me any good. And it's taught me quite the lesson. Also, now that I have this freelance writing position I feel a lot more secure in my money situation. It means that I can very easily start replacing all the money that I've been spending and bring my account back to a decent level of savings.

But I'm really digressing. The reason I got rid of my old blog is because it was filled with terribly personal stuff about my "relationships" and about people in my life. It was basically a blog that I used to vent about everything because I was wearing Marc out by telling him everything that was going on wrong with my life at that moment. And I have to admit I was a bit petrified about someone, somehow reading it that wasn't supposed to. It was one of those things where you want everyone to know, but you don't want to deal with the consequences of everyone knowing, ya know?

So then I decided to start everything fresh again, which meant a new blog and everything else that comes with it. And kind of a new look out on life in general. I wanted to stop being so negative and actually live life to it's fullest and actually allow myself to be happy.

So here I am trying to be happy. I'll post more later, hmm?

Life lessons come with buckets of stress

July 27th - After a week of researching cameras and companies I settled upon Provantage.com and their "special order" version of the Canon EOS Rebel T2i (which said it'd take an average of 3-6 business days to ship). It's $840 plus $16 odd dollars in shipping. So for decent $866 and some change I got an awesome camera...

days pass, order is still "processing" and I'm reading review after review about how it took a month for ppl to get their "special order" products.

July 30th - Called Provantage it's 4pm p.s.t. and they're already closed.

August 2nd - Called Provantage and asked when they're going to ship, was told that the estimated ship date was Aug 12th. I asked if it would, for sure, be shipped on that date I was told no, that it might be later. So I cancelled that order.

Later that day I decided to get the same camera from Buy.com for $30 ish more.

August 3rd - Buy.com shipped my camera

August 4th - Provantage shipped my camera... WTF!?!?!?!?

Called Provantage and was like... ummm I cancelled my order... they told me too late! and that if I wanted my money back I needed to refuse the package, which will have it returned back to the warehouse which would then email Provantage and tell them to give me a refund. k....

Called Fedex - refused package, send it back! Done, Done, Done!

Called WECU - can you stop this charge from hitting my account?! Nope, sorry

Called Provantage - sooo... just confirming I'll get my money back right? Yes Will you take anything out? Yeah, you probably won't get your $16 some dollars in shipping back... fuck.

So now I'm stressed out that something will happen that makes my package not get recognized by the warehouse, that Provantage won't give two shits and I won't get my money back. Not to mention the $50ish dollars that I've lost in trying to find a "good deal."  FML

Hopefully this will all work itself out by next week...


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Ok, the more and more I think about this idea the more I like it and REALLY want to do it. I think we could make some really good ad money on this endeavor, and on top of that, it'd be super fun! We would set up a blog / twitter / facebook for GamerGirls, every three months or so we would have a photo shoot. And specific blogs (Mine, Sarah, Victoria, Dazzle, Mikey, Riley's) would get some lower dpi "teaser" photos a week or so prior to our "release date." We wouldn't do any nude photos, so nothing that we would be ashamed to see floating around the interwebs. Then on our "release" we would post the high quality, highly photoshoped, and tweaked to amazingness, photos.

Or even have the blogs have a "preview" our the collection then release a photo a day so we can get the most use out of each shoot!

So I'm thinking artsy, classy, sexy photos where we would be using props (like the one pictured) or even nerdy things painted on ourselves, basically whatever we come up with.

We can have monthly meetings where we pool all of our ideas and come up with a "theme" for the next few months and do a shoot based off of that. Maybe even have a tiny Zine that gets passed around, thus creating more web traffic and more ad money rolling in.

So all I know right now, is that this is going to be truly fantastic. I hope you all can join me in this.