Life lessons come with buckets of stress

July 27th - After a week of researching cameras and companies I settled upon and their "special order" version of the Canon EOS Rebel T2i (which said it'd take an average of 3-6 business days to ship). It's $840 plus $16 odd dollars in shipping. So for decent $866 and some change I got an awesome camera...

days pass, order is still "processing" and I'm reading review after review about how it took a month for ppl to get their "special order" products.

July 30th - Called Provantage it's 4pm p.s.t. and they're already closed.

August 2nd - Called Provantage and asked when they're going to ship, was told that the estimated ship date was Aug 12th. I asked if it would, for sure, be shipped on that date I was told no, that it might be later. So I cancelled that order.

Later that day I decided to get the same camera from for $30 ish more.

August 3rd - shipped my camera

August 4th - Provantage shipped my camera... WTF!?!?!?!?

Called Provantage and was like... ummm I cancelled my order... they told me too late! and that if I wanted my money back I needed to refuse the package, which will have it returned back to the warehouse which would then email Provantage and tell them to give me a refund. k....

Called Fedex - refused package, send it back! Done, Done, Done!

Called WECU - can you stop this charge from hitting my account?! Nope, sorry

Called Provantage - sooo... just confirming I'll get my money back right? Yes Will you take anything out? Yeah, you probably won't get your $16 some dollars in shipping back... fuck.

So now I'm stressed out that something will happen that makes my package not get recognized by the warehouse, that Provantage won't give two shits and I won't get my money back. Not to mention the $50ish dollars that I've lost in trying to find a "good deal."  FML

Hopefully this will all work itself out by next week...


Dazzle says
August 4, 2010 at 6:15 PM

The part where they said "Eh! Too late! Just refuse the package!" sounds really unprofessional. I hope everything ends up working out!