Adventure?... ADVENTURE!

When? April 16, 2011 
Time? Leaving Burlington Fred Meyers at 10am
Destination? Port Townsend!

We will meet up on Saturday, APRIL 16, 2011 at 10:00am in the Fred Meyer parking lot in Burlington, WA (I've given you plenty of time to request it off work!) and park our cars on the south side of the building between Freddies and Gilkey Rd. 

From there we shall gather up and carpool to Coupville, WA and catch the NOON ferry. There is plenty of street parking for all the carpoolers! The cost of the ferry is $2.75 one way! The machines take Debit and Credit Cards.

Then we shall arrive in Port Townsend, dine at Waterfront Pizza (YUM!) and begin our PHOTO ADVENTURE! There will be enough antiques and little shops to keep us busy for a few hours! Then we will catch the 5:15 or 6:45pm ferry back to Coupville and carpool back to Fred Meyers!

Required Items:
A Camera! Any old camera will do, even your phone will suffice!
Decent Shoes! There will be walking!
A Jacket! Because it will most likely be cold!

Average cost of trip: $20 (gas contribution, ferry ticket, lunch)

Everyone is invited (if I didn't invite you come anyways)! I highly suggest inviting your friends and figuring out who is carpooling with whom!

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