I think the reason I never update this blog is that I still haven't found a template that I really like. Well, hopefully this one sticks around for a while.

Lots of things have been changing, and quite frankly I'm a bit too tired to talk about them right now.

I've bought a cat, her name is Emma
I've moved to ghetto Mount Vernon, to my very own studio
I'm terrible at unpacking, very VERY overwhelmed
I'm ridiculously broke, like actually this time
I'm behind at work, about one-two weeks behind
A lot of my friends are getting on my nerves
There are not enough hours in the day
My back still hurts... a lot
I've been using copious amounts of coffee to keep me functioning
I'm, apparently, unable to operate the delayed timer on my coffee maker properly
I can't find my damn coffee grinder
I'm trying to read again
I finally got the queen sized boxspring under my bed, still need to dispose of the full
I still need to finish PAINTING
I'm exhausted.

Gym starts back up tomorrow, 8am, hopefully that'll get me to be a bit more productive, it'll at least get me feeling better again.

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