So, I had a short conversation with Dazzle this weekend, she reminded me of a fan fic that I had read back in college. Then I was scrolling though my feed on facebook and realized that I'm still friends with the author of that fan fic. So I went on a hunt. And to my horror The Shoebox Project was indeed hacked, and I believe that I already had it saved from college on my external (I'll have to check when I go home). I also found Kim's (the awesome writer I was talking about) old blog. Which is equally as amazing! And then I realized that I actually used my LJ at one point in time. So here is the link, this is a tiny look into my life from 2005-2006. I haven't even read over it yet, I'm a completely different person that I was back then, so this should be interesting.

Also yesterday was day one of NANOWRIMO! I think I might do it again, which means that I need to write my little butt off today! Add my as a buddy! Search: TheAtheneNoctua

Now I'm off to WRITE, WRITE, WRITE


Anonymous says
November 2, 2010 at 10:08 AM


Meanwhile I'm hackin' up a lung and trying really hard not to go back and overhaul everything. RESISTING THE URGE. IT'S HARD.