Plants VS Zombies Photo shoot

Self explanatory? We would be in a park, or someone's back yard, and map out a grid and then have fun!

What we need!

A flat piece of land/yard/whatever
At least 12 people
2 -3 Lawnmowers
A cool red flag
A cardboard house/real house

at least 2 Pea Shooters (complete with rolled up pieces of green paper to throw)
at least 2 Sun Flowers (complete with paper 'sun' cutouts)
at least 2 "Specialty Plants" (with whatever they throw/fling)

at least 2 Zombies (one can wear a flotation device)
at least 2 Cone or Bucket head Zombies
at least 1 Zombie with a Screen
at least 1 "Specialty Zombies"

I'm thinking the only person with a big yard and a cool house we could protect is Bergman... I need to do some more investigating. But, what do you all think of my idea in its infancy?


Anonymous says
September 9, 2010 at 8:18 PM

i wanna be a sunflower!...that is all.